How can I make money with Live Reads?
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A live read is an advertisement/endorsement read on a podcast. It can happen naturally at the beginning (preroll) or in the middle of the show (midroll).

The podcaster receives copy and/or talking points from the advertiser with instructions for the live read and the podcast must follow all instructions on the copy.

Revenue generated by live podcast reads is based upon the number of downloads per episode or the number of impressions calculated using a flat rate. This is known as the “CPM model” (or cost per thousand impressions). This is a method of measuring advertising based on audience numbers.

Live reads are sold at a flat/cpm rate but they can also be CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

The main revenue difference between baked and dynamic reads is that a baked read is a flat guaranteed rate that is paid as long as you don’t under-deliver by more than 10%.

Remember that just because a host is willing and able to do a live read does not mean converting for an advertiser. This is why it is very important to work with brands that are aligned with your audience’s values and needs. The more suitable the brand is for your audience the more likely they are to engage and convert (purchase). This is key as future potential live-read partners will want to book a podcast that converts well. Like all advertising, the host needs to sell the product to their audience. It’s a matter of connecting with the audience and the right brand.

Most advertisers do what they call a "test" buy of a podcast. This means they will book 1-2 reads to gauge audience engagement with the product and the podcast. If the show does well the advertiser will renew/extend and book additional reads. If the podcast does not convert the buy will end and no future reads will be requested from this podcaster for this advertiser.

Finally, please take in consideration podcasts should be actively podcasting in order to secure advertisers.

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