On Spreaker you can create three different types of entities.


Users are either individuals or companies that want to have a presence on Spreaker. Users have a user account (a login account in Spreaker consists of a valid email address and a password) and a profile.

User profiles contain contact information, biographies and other information.

Users create podcasts.


Podcasts in Spreaker are containers for episodes. When a Spreaker account is first created, the associated user has a default podcast named "User's tracks."
Podcasts have associated information like artwork, description, contact information, etc...
Podcasts can be shared and their URL is in the form spreaker.com/show/PODCAST-NAME

This is an example of a podcast page:


Podcasts contain episodes.


Episodes are basic playable elements (audio tracks) that are stored in Spreaker.
Every episode belongs to a podcast (which in turn belongs to a User).

This is an example of an episode page:


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