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Distributing your Podcast on Spotify
Distributing your Podcast on Spotify

Discover how to submit a podcast to Spotify in one click

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Syndicating your podcast on Spotify means distributing your content to one of the leading audio content apps, offering your podcast the opportunity to be listened to by millions of listeners in over 60 markets.

Before submitting your podcast, please make sure it doesn't contain music tracks, DJ mixes, or similar musical content. Spotify reserves the right to remove podcasts that violate this policy, without prior notice and regardless of the licensing status of your music. Please read Spotify Terms here and here.

If your podcast meets those requirements, you can submit it this way:

From the website, go to the top-right drop-down menu and select 'My Podcasts', where you’ll be redirected to the CMS page.

1) Select the podcast you’d like to submit to Spotify.

2) From your podcast's panel on the left-hand side select ‘Distribution’.

3) From there you’ll be led to your one-click distribution options: click the down arrow next to Spotify and select ‘Submit’.

Your podcast will be reviewed - the process can take several hours/days to be completed. Either way, you’ll receive an email confirming your acceptance or rejection from the platform.

Claim your podcast on Spotify for Podcasters

You can also claim or add your podcast to Spotify by using Spotify for Podcasters. In this case, Spotify will send a verification email to the address contained in your podcast's RSS Feed.

Read the instructions on how to set the email address in your feed. If not set, you won't be able to verify the ownership as the default email is

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