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Submit your podcast to iHeartRadio in 3 easy steps
Submit your podcast to iHeartRadio in 3 easy steps

Find out how seamless is iHeartRadio podcast submission thanks to Spreaker

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iHeart is one of the most popular podcast and music listening platforms in the US, reaching over 128 million users in 2019. It's the place to be for thousands of live radio stations across America and the producer of popular shows like Stuff You Should Know and The Ron Burgundy Podcast.

The service offers podcasts, music playlists, artist radio stations, and live broadcasts for free through iHeartRadio app and website, and gives some extra features to iHeartRadio All Access and Plus paying subscribers.

As you can imagine, getting your podcast on i Heart Radio is a great way to reach a new audience of listeners. To add your podcast, just follow the steps below:

1) Choose the podcast you’d like to distribute

From the website, go to the top-right drop-down menu and select "Manage Podcasts", where you’ll be redirected to the CMS page. From there, click the podcast to submit.

2) Access the One-click Distribution page

From your podcast's panel on the left-hand side select ‘Distribution’.

3) Proceed with the podcast submission

Click the down arrow next to iHeart Radio and select ‘Submit’.

That’s it! Your RSS feed URL will be automatically sent and you don't need to take any further actions.

Before submitting, just make sure that your podcast:

  • Has a title

  • Has a short description

  • Has an image

  • Has a category

  • Has at least 1 public episode

  • Has at least one episode published within the last two weeks.

To stand a better chance of being accepted, please also consider the following suggestions:

  • Wait until you have at least 100 followers on Spreaker

  • Your podcast name, images and content should not contain unlicensed material (such as music)

  • Your podcast name, images, and content should not be indecent: avoid pornography, hate speech, ethnic slurs, slander and libel

The approval process can take a few weeks, either way, you’ll receive an email confirming your acceptance or rejection from the platform.

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