In order to really maximize the reach of your episodes, connect your profile and podcasts to your social networks and enable auto-sharing, so that each time you publish something new on Spreaker, it will also get automatically published to those networks.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Tumblr

Auto-sharing can be set up through the content management system, aka CMS, on the website.

From the top-right drop-down menu, select Dashboard. You’ll be immediately directed to the CMS.
Then, in the left-hand menu, click on Settings and then on Connected Accounts.

You can connect to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Tumblr – just click on Connect to each and follow the prompts. You can set things up so that every new episode you publish on Spreaker will also get shared to your pages.

Facebook Fanpage auto-sharing for each podcast

Do note that connecting a single podcast to a specific Facebook Fanpage requires a slightly different setup. To do this, from the CMS, first select the podcast you want to connect to first.

Select Autosharing Options from the menu at left and then click Connect – you can follow the prompts from there to get things set up.

When your episode gets shared to each network, its main image will be used as its preview, but on the off chance you forget to or choose not to, your cover image will now automatically get used in its place. So no matter where your listeners find it, your podcast looks its best, and stays aligned with your brand.

To see if a past episode was successfully automatically shared for you, go into one of the podcast pages and click on the share icon next to the episode you want to check.
You’ll see that it will say “Not Shared” next to the social networks it wasn’t shared with.

Simply click on the social network to share the episode there, too, manually.

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