If you have moved to Spreaker from another hosting platform, there is one more thing to take care of: distribution. Of course you can submit your podcast to any new platform you want, directly from our distribution page on the CMS or from the Spreaker Studio app.

But if your podcast is already available on platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts with your previous RSS feed, you should not submit it again.

Important: Redirecting your feed

What you need to do is enable a feed redirection so the existing podcasts would be automatically updated with the new feed and you will keep your subscribers as well. You can check if your previous hosting platform has a dedicated section for this or you can contact them to get the feed redirected to the new Spreaker one. Take a look at this list for further details.

If your show is already on iHeartRadio and Spotify, you will need to take additional steps, because those platforms don’t support redirects. Please notice that enabling a feed redirection is fundamental anyway, to complete your migration to Spreaker.

Additional steps for iHeartRadio

If your podcast has been previously submitted to iHeartRadio, contact us through here and we will help you update the feed with the Spreaker one.

Additional steps for Spotify

Spotify now allows individual creators to update their RSS feed from Spotify for Podcasters. Here are the steps:

1 - Go to podcasters.spotify.com and access with your account
2 - Click on a podcast.
3 - Head to details. Here you can see the current link to your podcast’s RSS feed and hosting partner.
4 - Click update.
5 - Enter the link to your new Spreaker’s RSS feed.
6 - Confirm the hosting provider and click submit.

For more info, visit https://podcasters.spotify.com/faq

Additional steps for Deezer

If your podcast has been previously submitted to Deezer, please note that they don't handle feed redirection. So, since you have migrated to Spreaker and your RSS feed has changed, you’ll need to request an update at support@deezer.com.

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