If you would like to claim your podcast’s ownership on platforms such as Spotify, Google Podcasts or Podchaser, you will need to make sure that the email address in your RSS feed is your own and not the default one, feeds@spreaker.com.

That’s because those distribution platforms might send you a verification link or a token to your personal email address in order to verify your identity.

You can change the email address associated with your RSS feed on the podcast's basic info section, while editing it on the CMS:

  • Select your podcast by clicking on View&Edit

  • On the left menu click on Edit Info

  • Replace feeds@spreaker.com with your personal email address at the bottom of the page and click on Save

If you see the below message popping up after you save, you are required to update the email address field on the RSS Customization page as well.

Click on the yellow button “Yes, I’ll make the updates” and you will be directed to the RSS Customization section of your podcast.

Under “Owner”, replace feeds@spreaker.com with your personal email address and click on Save.

Finally, here is where you should head to claim your podcast on some of the main distribution platforms.


If you have already submitted your podcast from Spreaker’s distribution page but you would like to get access to detailed analytics about Spotify’s audience, you will want to start the claiming procedure from Spotify for Podcasters.

To get access, you need to log in with your Spotify account, or choose “Sign up” to create one. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Open the side menu by clicking the three dots in the top-left.

  2. Click on “Add or Claim podcast”.

  3. Click GET STARTED.

  4. Paste in the link to your Spreaker RSS feed.

  5. Wait for a verification email to the address in your RSS feed. Copy the 8-digit code from that email and paste in the submit form.

  6. Add podcast info like the category, language, and country.

  7. Review the details and submit.

Google Podcasts:

You can sign up for Google Podcasts Manager to see detailed performance data on Google Podcasts, including user queries that show your podcast, listener retention graphs, and more. Podcasts Manager is free, and requires only a valid Google account to use.

Check these instructions to get started.


If your podcast is already on Podchaser, you can claim it with your user account by visiting this page and clicking the "claim" button. You would have to create a new account with them if you don’t have one already!

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