With the Publisher plan, as part of Spreaker Enterprise, we are helping some of the largest podcast publishers connect with advertisers, scale their monetization strategy and ad sales operations, and efficiently manage podcast content within large and distributed teams and users.

Our Publisher plan is an off the shelf product for podcast publishers or companies in need of advanced features and looking to manage their podcast content in an articulate but easy way.

Here are some examples of companies that could benefit from this plan:

Radio stations, Newspapers, Magazines, Online media outlets, Sport Media organizations, Record labels, Live Events agencies, Advertising agencies, Media Buyers and so on.

In addition to the professional features, here is what you will get if you decide to upgrade:

  • Unlimited podcast catalog / Unlimited audio storage space
  • 5 hours per live session with multiple sessions available per day
  • Unlimited live podcasting / 24/7 stream option (no content archived)
  • Unlimited number of collaborators
  • Organization feature along with user permissions management
  • Campaign Manager to traffic your own ads, with unlimited impressions
  • Option to exclude unwanted IAB categories if you are also using our monetization tool for programmatic ads
  • Full IAB certified stats (download count, sources, geolocation, demographics)
  • Priority support

As a pay-as-you-go plan, the Publisher already includes 60,000 downloads in the $120 monthly price, and every additional 1,000 downloads you will pay an extra $2.

The first month, you will pay the fixed 120$ fee. Starting from the second month, you will be billed twice a month - the fixed amount + any eventual additional fee if you are exceeding the 60K monthly cap.

If you have a large volume of listeners, or if you are interested in connecting your catalog to 3rd party DSPs and media buyers, we can design a custom package for your business. You can share details about your business needs writing at enterprise@spreaker.com

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