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How can I create a user/network within my organization?
How can I create a user/network within my organization?
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In order to add a user to your organization, just head to the Settings tab on the CMS, select the Organization section and click on the New User button on the right:

Insert the full name and email address of the user you want to create/add and click on New User at the bottom of the page:

A welcome email will be sent to the recipient of the email account.

This is also the procedure to follow when creating a new network in your organization. In fact, a network is just a user with at least one podcast created.

Once the new onboarded user will create his/her new podcast, that will appear under that new network.

Please note that if the person already has a Spreaker account, you cannot add that specific email address to the organization.

For adding an existing Spreaker user to your organization, you can contact us by clicking on the chat icon down on the bottom-right of this page. We can share detailed instructions that are customized to your organization's needs.

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