If you are a Publisher plan subscriber and you have activated the so-called AdExchange, you have the option to block specific IAB ad categories, ensuring that listeners don't receive unwanted programmatic ads coming from our open marketplace.

Any user added to your organization can manage this feature at the podcast level and can decide to activate or deactivate the categories depending on the strategy.

Just select a podcast from the CMS, get to the Ad Options section on the left menu and you will notice the section.

Managing the filters is easier than you think:

By checking a box next to an ad category you will enable that, while by unchecking the box you will avoid that category from targeting your podcast.

  • In the first tab, you will see a list of Sensitive Categories, which are all blocked by default by Spreaker. If you want, you can activate one or more categories, by checking the related box and clicking on save.

This way, you could increase the chances to get revenues, but it’s totally up to you!

  • In the second tab, we list all the Other Categories you can decide to include or exclude from your podcast.

In this case, they are all selected and active by default, and you will have to uncheck a box if you want to block any of them.

Be careful while blocking those categories, because you could potentially lose a big chunk of revenues! We are also displaying a rough estimate of the loss on the page itself.

Please note we cannot guarantee the total absence of unwanted ads though, as some ad providers could ignore these filters.

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