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Do you track listens from other platforms? How is the source detected?
Do you track listens from other platforms? How is the source detected?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, we do!

We have a convenient area on the statistics that allow for viewing the sources that your listeners are accessing your content from. As long as you have your content submitted to Apple Podcasts, Spotify or any other platform through the Spreaker RSS feed, we are counting and tracking those listens. This sources section is available with the Broadcaster plans and higher.

To access this information, you will want to start by visiting the statistic section of our CMS. From here select the "see more" option from the Downloads option and you can then select the Sources tab on the upper right side of the graph.

Once in this area, you will be able to view which platforms your listens occurred on, as well select or deselect platforms to update the graph.

The data shown on this page is captured when there is a referrer we extract its bare domain name from it and display that on this section. For example means that some listeners are consuming your content from a Spreaker embedded player positioned on the website.

When there isn’t a referrer we use application as source. These could be displayed as Spotify, Spreaker (this will be both listens from the website and the Spreaker Podcast Player), PodChaser, Chrome ect.


  • Data- The listening events

  • Referrer- When content is consumed through browser on some specific page

  • Sources- Where the listens had occurred on

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