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Episode and podcast visibility: private, limited access, public
Episode and podcast visibility: private, limited access, public
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Hosts subscribing to Broadcaster plan or higher, are able to set their content to specific visibilities, in order to have more control, to experiment, or to provide specific audiences with special episodes.

We currently have three different types of visibility, available on the podcast and episode levels:

  • Public: everyone can see it

  • Private: only you can see it

  • Limited access: you can send a specific URL to the people you want to share your episode or podcast with, but no password will be required.

Select your podcast from the CMS, and you will find the three options on the Podcast settings section.

If you would like to set the visibility for a single episode, click on the pencil icon and you will be able to do that from the episode info section.

If your podcast or episode is set to Limited Access, you would be able to share the URL to have listeners tune in from or from an embedded player on your website (on a page only a specific audience can access for example).

You will find the limited access link to copy and paste on the Podcast settings page previously mentioned.

Also, a special limited access RSS feed could be used by listeners on platforms such as Apple Podcasts or Pocket Casts.

Here is where you can copy the link to the limited access RSS feed:

Note: You can have your podcast listed under the Public visibility but have single episodes listed as Private or Limited Access.

Would you like to place your episodes behind a paywall and earn extra money from your most loyal listeners? Check this article about the Supporters Club.

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