How can I add chapters?
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With Spreaker, you can add chapters to your episodes to allow easier access to important content that you want to highlight. This can include images, texts, or links. The use of chapters allows hosts to share additional information to further enhance the listening experience.

Once they’re set, chapters will be visible across Spreaker's listening platforms: in the embedded player, Spreaker Podcast Radio for both Android and iOS, and

To add chapters to an episode, you will want to first head over to the CMS for your account and select the podcast you will first like to work on.

From here, you can select the edit icon for the episode in question. A Chapter tab will appear on the left side of the page to select to add the chapters.

Once the chapter section loads for the episode, you will see a waveform graph that will help you with placing the chapters.

When adding your chapters, you can give details for each:

  • Selecting a start time for the chapter

  • Add the title for the chapter

  • Add a link

  • Add an image if you are showcasing something

And, finally, just remember to click on Save!

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