Priority options for a line item
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While creating your line item, you will be able to choose among 6 types of priority levels:

When you have more than one Line Item competing for the same ad placement, you can use priorities to determine which one should be prioritized and delivered faster.

Going from the highest priority to the lowest, you can select:

1 - Sponsorship: This is the highest priority and will always beat all of the other options available. Sponsorship is typically used to traffic campaigns from advertisers that want to buy all available slots for a specific podcast or episode.

2 - High

3 - Medium

4 - Low

5 - Ad Exchange: By creating a line item with this priority, you specifically choose for this line item to compete with the Voxnest Ad Exchange (when enabled) based on the CPM of the ad.

6 - Remnant: This is the lowest priority and will always lose against all other priority options. This priority is generally used to traffic internal promos that you only want to run on unsold inventory, while you don’t want them to beat the Ad Exchange ads.

If two line items have the same priority level, the one running behind on pacing, given the delivery settings, will win over the other running optimally on pacing.

Please note that you are able to set the desired priority while creating the line item, once created it is not possible to edit or change it.

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