Campaign manager’s reporting section

Get insights about your own campaigns

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Are you a Publisher plan subscriber and are you trafficking your own ads with Spreaker’s campaign manager? Want to know how well you are doing?

With the Campaign Statistics dashboard, you will be able to see the number of Impressions and Revenue generated by your ads. Let’s have a look!

Head to the statistics section of the CMS and scroll down to Campaigns. Then, click on the “See more” button.

Find the total of impressions and revenue accrued at the top. This gives you the information on the total number of Impressions and Revenue generated since you have started using our Campaign Manager.

Organization Statistics: See the number of impressions and revenue generated for any given time-frame. By default you will see the last 30 days, however you can also select from 8 pre-set options including “Custom” for specific dates. You can download all this information as a CSV file.

Hover over a specific day to get detailed information on the Impressions and Revenue.

For more insight on how well your campaigns are doing, you can check the total Impressions and Revenue for the period of time selected. It will be ordered from the best performing campaign to the one that performed the least in that time period.

An important thing to note is that if a campaign has not received any Impressions and Revenue during the time period selected, it will not show on the table.

You are also able to check this information at campaign level, for insights on all its Line Items.

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