When a podcast is deleted from Spreaker, the RSS feed is deleted as well and the distribution is automatically deactivated on platforms in which your feed has been submitted, like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and so on. That means the podcast should disappear from all the platforms within a few days. If this is not the case, your podcast might have been cached on their side and you can contact those companies directly asking for the removal.

If you delete an episode from Spreaker, that should disappear as soon as the distribution platform detects the change.

Please note that episodes shared on YouTube and SoundCloud will not be automatically removed. You will need to log into your accounts on those platforms and delete the episodes from there.

If your content is still on Spreaker but you decide you don't want it to be distributed on the external platforms anymore, we can help you removing the podcast from Spotify and iHeartRadio if you are interested. For the others, you would need to reach out to them directly with your Spreaker RSS feed at hand and request to be removed.

If you want your podcast to be removed from Spotify and iHeartRadio, please let us know the specific link contacting us from here.

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