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AdHub - Ad Creation Guidelines
AdHub - Ad Creation Guidelines
Updated over a week ago

Please check these guidelines before submitting your ad through the AdHub section.

Increase the chances to get your ad approved, so you can start promoting your podcast straight away!

👍 DO’S

  • Set a goal: Your ad will be heard on any podcast app (Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, and so on) from listeners of the Spreaker-hosted podcasts. So, for example, the goal of the campaign should be to drive new listeners to your podcast or to announce a new podcast you’re working on.

  • Write a script: The content should be catchy and in line with the tone of voice of your podcast. It should also contain a call to action. Here are some examples:

- “Listen to XXX podcast, now available on Spreaker, Spotify and iHeartRadio”

- “Check XXX podcast out now on your favorite podcast app”

  • Set a length: The standard duration of a podcast ad is around 15 - 30 seconds

  • Choose the file format: We suggest you upload the file in mp3 format

  • Check proof the sound: You want your ad to be perceived as professional and smooth. Record it in a soundproof environment using a good quality microphone, or consider hiring a professional voice-over artist. The more it will sound professional, the more you will attract new listeners!


  • Do not submit the intro you are currently using for your podcast or a live read ad used to sponsor other products/services, that will only confuse the listeners. Remember: you want to grab a new listener’s attention, who might not know anything about your podcast, yet!

  • Do not use voice generator/text to speech services

  • Don’t upload ads containing or aiming to promote:

- Explicit or age-restricted content

- Alcohol and drugs

- Illegal products or services

- Hate speech / offensive / controversial content

- Political or religious content

- Gambling

- Spam or scams

- Copyrighted content

- Music only content

If you consider hiring a professional voice-over artist for your ad or an editor to create impressive audio effects, you can find what you need on Fiverr.

All you have to do is:

  • Create a script: provide clear and precise instructions on a PDF document of what you’re hoping to achieve (see DO’S & DON’TS from above).

  • Choose your creator: find on Fiverr who you want to collaborate with and send them your script plus any other details you find relevant.

  • Approve and Upload: once you receive your favorite version of the ad, upload it to the AdHub, choose your target audience, send it for approval and you’re all set.

Listen to these examples for inspiration!

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