Please check these guidelines before submitting your ad through the AdHub section.

Increase the chances to get your ad approved, so you can start promoting your podcast straight away!

👍 DO’S

  • Set a goal: Your ad will be heard on any podcast app (Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, and so on) from listeners of the Spreaker-hosted podcasts. So, for example, the goal of the campaign should be to drive new listeners to your podcast or to announce a new podcast you’re working on.
  • Write a script: The content should be catchy and in line with the tone of voice of your podcast. It should also contain a call to action. Here are some examples:

- “Listen to XXX podcast, now available on Spreaker, Spotify and iHeartRadio”

- “Check XXX podcast out now on your favorite podcast app”

  • Set a length: The standard duration of a podcast ad is around 15 - 30 seconds
  • Choose the file format: We suggest you upload the file in mp3 format
  • Check proof the sound: You want your ad to be perceived as professional and smooth. Record it in a soundproof environment using a good quality microphone, or consider hiring a professional voice over artist. The more it will sound professional, the more you will attract new listeners!


  • Do not submit the intro you are currently using for your podcast or a live read ad used to sponsor other products/services, that will only confuse the listeners. Remember: you want to grab a new listener’s attention, who might not know anything about your podcast, yet!
  • Do not use voice generator/text to speech services
  • Don’t upload ads containing or aiming to promote:

- Explicit or age-restricted content

- Alcohol and drugs

- Illegal products or services

- Hate speech / offensive / controversial content

- Political or religious content

- Gambling

- Spam or scams

- Copyrighted content

- Music only content

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