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Ad Exchange Statistics

Get insights about Spreaker’s monetization program

Updated over a week ago

Want to know how well programmatic advertising is doing? With the new Ad Exchange Statistics dashboard, you can check the number of Impressions and Revenue generated by programmatic ads plus some insights about the geolocation and the top IAB categories for them. Let’s have a look!

You can access the statistics from the Monetization dashboard or you can look for the below chart under your overall organization statistics:


After clicking on "See more", you will be able to check the number of impressions and revenue generated for any given time frame.

By default, you will see the last 30 days, however, you can also select from 8 pre-set options including “Custom” for specific dates. You can download all this information as a CSV file.

Hover over a specific day to get detailed information on the Impressions and Revenue.

For even more insight on how well your organization is doing, you can check the total Impressions and Revenue for the period of time selected. It will be ordered from the best-performing network to the one that performed the least in that time period.

An important thing to note is that if a network has not received any Impressions and Revenue during the time period selected, it will not show on the table.

You are also able to check this information at the network level, for insights on all its podcasts.


From which countries, regions and cities are your Impressions and Revenue coming from? Get the breakdown in the Geolocation section.

Click directly on the map, or select from the drop-down menu, the choice is yours!

To see the data for the regions within a country, click on the country on the map or select it from the drop-down menu:

To then see the data for cities within a region, you need to click on it on the map or again select it from the drop-down menu:

See the numbers and percentages for Impressions and Revenue in a quick and efficient way.


We now have interesting data related to the IAB categories of the ads coming from our open marketplace. This will give you more visibility on the type of ads being trafficked on your inventory.

To check which are the ad categories being listened to the most, simply access your AdExchange statistics and click on the IAB Categories tab on the right. You will see 2 charts.

Time Chart:

You can see the information related to a time frame. By default you will see the last 30 days, however, you can also select from 8 pre-set options including “Custom” for specific dates. You can download all this information as a CSV file.

Overall Chart:

For any specific IAB category listed, you can analyze the impact on your inventory in percentage and detailed revenue and impressions numbers.

By default, for any given selected timeframe, the overall chart shows the Top 25 IAB categories based on revenue, or less if less than 25 are occurring.

Only the Top 5 IAB Categories are selected and consequently visible on the chart. You can select more categories and the Time Chart will be updated accordingly.

You can check all the information at Organization, Network, and Podcast level.

The data about the top IAB categories are showing starting from the 1st of January 2021.

Want to get an estimation of how much revenue your podcast can earn? Try out our Free Podcast Revenue Calculator now!

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