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How to add a Third-Party Prefix to your RSS feed
How to add a Third-Party Prefix to your RSS feed
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If you are keen to analyze detailed metrics related to podcast consumption and audiences, you could think of using a third-party tracking service like Podtrac or Chartable.

Spreaker gives you the chance to add a tracking URL prefix to your podcast, while you are manually customizing the RSS feed, so it will be easier to get the data you want to dig into.

Important: Be aware that a prefix might break the RSS feed. Also, the unavailability of the prefix service makes the download of the episodes unavailable and you will be at risk of losing listens.

  • First of all, starting from the CMS, access the RSS Settings of the podcast you would like to track, and set that to Enabled.

  • Add the URL provided by the service of your choice on the related field, at the bottom of the page

  • Don’t forget to click on Save!

All the public, downloadable episodes will be included in the RSS feed, so the prefix will be automatically added to that kind of episode only.

As mentioned on the page itself, be aware that adding a prefix might break your RSS feed, if it's not correctly set.

Here are some examples:

If you're using Podtrac you can add

If you're using Blubrry you can use the prefix

For other tracking services, please check their help documentation. By using a tracking service, you will be subject to external service availability.

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