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How to Make an Audiogram for Social Media (Guide with Examples)
How to Make an Audiogram for Social Media (Guide with Examples)

Easily Create an Audiogram for your Podcast to be Added to Stories

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Nowadays, there is no successful podcast with no adequate social media promotion. According to The Infinite Dial study from Edison Research and Triton Digital, 82% of Americans use Social Media, which represents about 233 million people, only in the US.

Such numbers clearly show why platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok should become your podcast's bread and butter if you're looking for new listeners.

What is a Podcast Audiogram, and why should you use it?

While each Social App has its own rules and niches, there's no doubt that video is the content format that works the most on Social Media: according to SmallBizTrends, social media videos generate 12x more shares than text and image content combined. Here's why Audiograms should be part of your podcast promotion strategy.

What are Audiograms?

They are short video clips containing an image, a waveform, a transcription... and the audio, of course! They can highlight an extract from your latest episode or play the trailer promoting your podcast. The goal is pretty clear: attracting people scrolling social media newsfeeds with an eye-catching content and enticing their curiosity, so it will bring them to listen to your podcast.

Here below an example - click to see and hear it on Instagram

An example of Audiogram

How to Create an Audiogram?

Spreaker has an integration with Headliner App, one of the most popular tools to make Audiograms.

Here's our full guide to convert your episodes into Audiograms by using Spreaker.

1) Choose the Episode to Convert

Head to your Spreaker CMS and select your podcast. Choose an episode you want to highlight, click its dedicated "Share" icon and select "Headliner".

2) Set up the Audiogram Aspect Ratio

Choose the correct aspect ratio for the video. The right choice is based on where you want to share the Audiogram. You have three possible options:

  • Landscape: 16:9 dimension video - it works well for Youtube.

  • Square: 1:1 dimension video - perfect when shared on newsfeed on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

  • Portrait: 4:3 dimension video - it is the best solution when you want to add it to your IG Stories, Reels or TikTok.

An image showing a section in Headliner platform allowing you to select the audiogram aspect ratio

3) Trim the Audio

Define what portion of audio you want to be used. Make sure you select the part you want to highlight since this is what your potential audience will hear in the Audiogram.

If you're wondering what's the length you should be selecting, no worries. Select the "Duration" button, and you'll be guided on choosing the right duration based on the Social Media platform you want the Audiogram to be shared on.

An image showing an Headliner section dedicated to trimming audio. It also shows the Duration option with proposed lenghts.

4) Enable Audiogram Transcription

In the same section, you'll also find the captions options. If enabled, it will create a transcript of the audio clip you're trimming and add it to the video.

You can select the most appropriate language from the drop-down menu.

An image showing the captions option and the drop-down menu containing several languages options such as English and Spanish

5) Customize your Audiogram

The last step is dedicated to making the video as personal as you like. You can add and customize the waveform, the progress bar, or even using a template. If you want to customize further, you can access an advanced editor that will also allow you to add and review the transcription.

Before exporting, you'll be asked to create a Headliner account, if you haven't any yet. The platform is free with some limited features and gives you more if you decide to get a paid plan.

Check some Awesome Audiogram Examples

You are ready to start, but looking for some inspiration? These 3 Podcast Audiogram examples show how great you can get! Click on each to see them in action.

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