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How to Share a Podcast on Instagram Story or Post
How to Share a Podcast on Instagram Story or Post

Tips and tricks to post a Podcast or Episode on Instagram

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When it comes to Social Media, Instagram is the place to be. According to The Infinite Dial study from Edison Research and Triton Digital, Instagram represents the second most popular Social Brand, after Facebook.

The Instagram success is far from being done. The platform is likely to grow more and more in the next few years, and it's already the most used app for Americans between 12 and 34 years old. Given such numbers, there is no doubt Instagram needs to be part of a podcast promotion strategy.

Can you post a podcast on Instagram?

Yes, you can! Even if Instagram it's a visual social media platform, there are a few tricks to use Instagram formats to share your podcast through Stories, Videos and Pictures. In this article, we show three ways to make a podcast promotion on Instagram possible and successful.

How to Share your Podcast on Instagram Story

With Spreaker Podcast Player App, you are a few taps away from creating a Story by sharing a single episode or an entire podcast.

  1. Get the Spreaker App

    Open the Spreaker Podcast Player App from your Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, or iPad. If you didn't install it yet, you can do it for free from the Dedicated Store page.

  2. Play the episode and tap on Share

    Open the App player screen. Or select and play the episode you want to share while using the app.

    The player screen offers all the controls to listen to the episode, and also ways to interact with the content. Look for the Share button and tap on it

    Screenshot: On the left, an iOS device. On the right, an Android device.

  3. Choose Instagram Story

    Select the "Instagram stories" option. The app will automatically forward to Instagram and create a Story containing the episode cover and title.

    If you can't find the Instagram Stories option, make sure

    • you updated the Spreaker App to the latest version

    • have the Instagram App installed on your device

  4. Fine tune the Story and add the episode link

    Feel free to adjust the episode cover size and position, and add any other visual elements you like.

    Remember to add the link to the episode, so it's easier for your followers to play in one tap. It's easy to do so:

    1. On Android, just add a Link Sticker to the Story and paste the episode's link - it's copied in your clipboard already.

    2. On iOS, go back to the Spreaker app, and tap on "Copy Link". Once added to the clipboard, open Instagram again, and add a Link Sticker by pasting the link there.

  5. Share your episode story!

    Once done, the Link will be added and your Story will be ready for the world to see it!

    Tap on "Your stories" and it will be published. Your followers will see the Story in their newsfeed for the following 24 hours.

    If you want to make the Story visible for longer time, you can highlight it in your IG profile. This way, your Story will be accessible at any time to those who visit your profile page.

    You can also share an entire podcast, just look for the share button from the podcast screen, instead of the player screen.

How to post podcast audio on Instagram

Headliner is one of the most complete and used platforms to convert a podcast into a clip. It enables you to create short audio clip (aka "Audiograms") to promote your latest episode or your whole podcast, and share it on social media.

Specifically, Headliner offers a very easy-to-use app to share your podcast to Instagram Stories or Feed.

  1. Convert your Episode into a Headliner Audiogram

    To create your podcast clip for Instagram, you need your podcast episode first. Spreaker integrates with Headliner and allows you to send any of your episodes to Headliner directly. Head to your Spreaker CMS with your computer, select your podcast, and click the Share icon for the episode you want to convert. You'll find the "Headliner" option.

    Once clicked, you'll be redirected to Headliner, where you can select the aspect ratio, trim the audio, add caption and further customize your Audiogram. If you're looking for a step-by-step guide to create your first Audiogram, check out the article How to Make an Audiogram for Social Media (Guide with Examples).

  2. Access Headliner from Mobile

    To share your new Audiogram on Instagram, you'll need your mobile device. Install the Headliner app (available for iOS and Android) and access with the same account credentials you used from your computer.

    You'll find the Audiogram you previously created!

  3. Post your Podcast audio on Instagram with Headliner

    Tap the "Share video" button, and then the Instagram option should show up there, ready to be selected.

    You will be asked to allow access to your whole camera roll. Once done, pick the Instagram format you want to use. You can add your podcast episode to your Instagram Stories, or post it on your newsfeed. Choose the way you think it's more efficient for your case. We suggest sharing from Headliner twice, so you can use both Stories and Feed and adapt the video to the select format.

    Congratulations! You shared your Podcast to Instagram by using Headliner!

Automatically Post your Podcast on Instagram Feed with Zapier

Zapier is a very powerful platform: it allows you to connect different services with each other, so you can automize some of your podcasting routine and simplify your daily workflow.

For example, if you think your main podcast promotion effort should be focusing on Facebook only, but you want to make sure your Instagram Feed is updated automatically you can use Zapier. You can set up a "Zap" that will automatically share an Instagram Post every time there is an update from your podcast's Facebook Page.

  1. Start a new Zap

    Create a Zap, so it ties your Facebook Page with the Instagram Profile. Select Facebook Pages as the "Trigger".

  2. Connect your podcast Facebook Page

    Connect your Facebook account to Zapier by clicking Sign in, and select your Podcast Page on Facebook. Zapier will try the connection and ask for you to publish something on the page, so it can check if it was detected.

  3. Connect your Podcast Instagram Profile

    You need to follow the same connection path also for Instagram.

    Note: You can connect only Instagram for Business Accounts. If your Podcast Instagram Profile is not yet, you can do it for free by following these instructions.

  4. Customize the Instagram Post Aspect

    As a last step, Zapier allows you to customize how the Instagram Post will look like. We suggest using the same Full Picture you get from Facebook, so it changes whenever it changes on Facebook. You can also use the Episode Title with an additional caption and hashtags. This is all up to you and how you want the post on Instagram to look like.

  5. Enable the Zap

    Once the setup and testing on Instagram is complete, you can enable the Zap and leave the integration work for you!

    Zapier is available for free if you need the task to run a few times a month, and it should be enough if you want to use this Zap only for your podcast. If you want further customizations and take the full control of the service you can check out other options available with their paid plans.

Still not enough? To learn more about the "podcast instagram post" topic, check out the video Top Tricks to Promote Your Podcast On Instagram on our YouTube channel for advice on how to use Instagram to its full potential!

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