While advertising is the most popular way of monetising, there are other forms of making money with your podcast.

Have you ever heard of podcast behind paywall?

Just because most podcasts are free to listeners doesn’t mean that all podcasts have to be free to users. In addition to your regular content, consider creating additional premium content that can only be accessed behind a paywall, upon the payment of a certain amount of money.

As an alternative to placing specific premium content behind paywalls, you could offer your listeners an ongoing premium membership or podcast subscription that grants them access to a lot of special content or benefits.

If you are a dedicated Podcaster who wishes to earn revenue from your Podcast series, Patreon comes to your rescue.

This article walks you trough how to start monetising your Spreaker podcasts with Patreon and podcast subscriptions.


Patreon is a service that can help you make money online. It links people who are already creating podcasts, with an audience who would be interested in a subscription. If you join Patreon, your fans can pay per month or episode for listening to your podcasts.

1) Publish a new episode with Limited Access

To publish a podcast episode in Patreon you need to set its visibility to Limited Access and use the limited access link provided to submit your podcast episode.

Head to your Spreaker CMS with your computer, select your podcast, click on the episode you want to give limited access and finally click on the eft pane menu entry Episode Info.

Set the visibility of the episode to limited access as shown in the image below.

Refer to this article for an extensive explanation on podcasts/episodes visibility

2) Grab the Limited Access Link

Get back to your podcast episodes list and you'll see the episodes with limited access visibility marked with a red label Limited Access. To get the limited access link just click on the share icon for the episode and than on Copy Limited Access Link from the menu.

3) Move to Patreon

Sign-in or Sign-up in Patreon, when creating a new account you'll be asked to set-up your profile page (user image, cover art and description).

Create a post and choose the type Audio.

Paste the link copied at step 2 into the audio URL text box and you will see your podcast image displayed in the AUDIO box area.

Enrich your post with a title, description and tags that will help users know what's your podcast about. Click on Publish now and the post containing your podcast episode will be added to you Patreon profile page.

4) Share it!

All of the people willing to listen to your podcast episodes posted on Patreon need to pay you a type of subscription so, do start sharing your Patreon profile page URL everywhere: social-media, blogs, e-mails, text messages, etc...

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