Marketing your podcast can be a daunting task that many hosts dread. This is mainly due to not knowing where to start. When first thinking about marketing, hosts will look far and wide for the best option available to reach as many listeners as possible. Social media, websites, and SEO’s are most common.

The current top marketing tool used across most companies, businesses, blogs, and podcasts that’s actually quite simple to utilize and gain potential followers is Facebook. A Facebook Fan page or Business page can open up your reach to new people, and followers who are interested in the same topics as your content. Please be sure to check out our blog article on how to use Facebook to boost your podcast!

Create a Facebook Fan Page

We will now be going through the process of creating a free Fan or Business page on Facebook and some simple steps on how to promote there.

We can get started by going to Facebook and clicking on create a page when logged in or use this link while logged into an active Facebook account.

  • Enter your name of your Facebook Page you want to use

  • Enter the category you want the page to be listed under

  • Enter the description for the Facebook Page.

    • This section is a great place to link your Spreaker Podcast page, or an embed code for your podcast.

  • Select the blue “Create Page” button at the bottom of the page.

Once the page progresses to the next section, it will ask to have a profile image and a cover image uploaded to the page and the images saved. (These images can be changed out later on if you chose to do so)

These images will help attract followers to the page with eye catching images.

After the previous images are saved, It will open the newly created Facebook fan/business page.

Now that the page is created, Hosts can post automatically to introduce the page, and podcast for upcoming viewers.

By selecting the manage option that is located below the profile and cover image, it will let the creator invite friends and followers to the page, give options on scheduling posts, the statistics the page has currently (they will update with more people viewing the page) and many other helpful tools.

Please remember that this Facebook page can be selected within your Spreaker account, to have your episodes automatically post on your behalf when you select the Facebook option when going live, or uploading new content. Look through this article on steps for getting this page connect to your account.

Add your Podcast to your Facebook Page using your Spreaker RSS Feed

The Podcasts option on Facebook has been recently launched and it's currently available to US listeners on mobile. To add your podcast to your Facebook Page from desktop:

  1. Select your Page and access podcasts from Page Settings in classic view or from Manage Your Page in the new Pages experience.

  2. In either view, click Podcasts.

  3. Click the Add podcast button.

  4. Enter your Spreaker RSS feed and click Add. When you add your RSS feed to your page, listeners can stream your podcast directly on Facebook from wherever you host it.

  5. To confirm your ownership of this podcast, an authentication code will be sent to the email associated with the RSS feed you entered in the previous step. Click Continue to complete authentication of your podcast. Check this article if you are not sure about how to set your personal email address on your RSS feed.

  6. Click Authenticate Podcast and enter the code sent to your email.

  7. Click Authenticate. You will see a green check mark confirming that you have successfully authenticated your podcast.

  8. A feature that will allow listeners to share short clips of their favorite episodes to Facebook will automatically be turned on. Click to toggle the Enable clips feature.

  9. Click Publish Podcast. You only need to do this once and you can unpublish or remove your podcast at any time.

  10. On the next screen, you will see a Published status next to the podcast you just added, as well as a list of any other podcasts on your Page.

You will need to go to the Podcasts tab on mobile to see your published podcast. News Feed posts will be automatically generated for episodes published 2 weeks before the date you added your podcast to your Page and all new episodes going forward.

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