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How to Monetize your Podcast
Why has the Ad Exchange been blocked on my account?
Why has the Ad Exchange been blocked on my account?
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Spreaker's monetization program could be suspended anytime without warnings for any of the following reasons:


You cannot upload and monetize any type of copyrighted material or copyrighted music.

Please refrain from publishing such content if you don’t own the rights or if you don’t hold a specific license for podcasting.


  • Publishing and placing ads on episodes containing excerpts of TV shows, songs, audiobooks.


The program will be blocked for fraud or improper use if bots, fake listens, invalid ad requests and ad impressions are detected.

You can’t generate invalid Ad requests and Ad Impressions (either by hand, bots, automated programs or similar devices) and you can’t generate invalid, programmatic or non-organic listens.


  • We could detect a high number of listens or impressions from one or a very few IP addresses and/or devices.


You are not allowed to monetize controversial content that could hurt the sensitivity of listeners.


  • Explicit or age-restricted content, hate speech/violence promotion, fake news.


At this time certain types of podcasts are not able able to be in the monetization program due to the unease of the advertisers we partner with and in turn we work to provide them with high quality content that is along the lines for what they are looking for. These types of podcasts include but are not limited to ASMR podcasts.


Anything that could go against our terms.


  • Improper use of the platform or spamming behavior such as uploading the same audio file multiple times with multiple mid-rolls, or un-organic intentions of increasing monetization revenue.

  • Music-only episodes can never be monetized, regardless of the licensing status of the content.

Our rules are included in the ad exchange terms in which you have agreed upon joining the program and in our general terms and conditions.

Payments of earnings accrued while in breach of our terms and conditions will be abandoned and not received.

Please note that in certain circumstances, especially in case of copyright infringement, your content could be removed too and/or the entire account could be terminated without warning.

If you want to appeal our decision, please contact us via the messenger at the bottom of this page explaining your reasons in detail and attaching any useful documentation, license or proof.

Unfounded complaints will not be evaluated.

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