Live Reads Program
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With the Spreaker Live Reads Program, our hosts can enjoy the possibilities offered by live reads that are advertisements/endorsements read on a podcast.

There is often a threshold of downloads for a podcast to qualify for live host reads. At Spreaker that threshold is 5,000 downloads/impressions or more per episode within 30 days of posting on a consistent basis (at least two months).

When it comes to live reads, one of the major benefits of hosting your podcast on Spreaker is that our live reads team is constantly looking for opportunities for our hosts. If your podcast is suitable our team will reach out to you directly with the opportunity.

It is important to understand the terms of your live read agreement and you can be sure your Spreaker live reads sales agent will ensure you get a fair agreement that you fully understand.

Live Reads can be a great source of revenue for podcasters once the brand partner is selected carefully giving the campaign the best chance to convert. This will encourage a strong relationship between the advertiser and podcast host which will bring more live read opportunities in the future.

There are two types of live reads:

  • Baked in live read is a read that stays within a podcast indefinitely (also called embedded) because it is recorded at the same time that the host records an episode. These advertisements are woven into the content of the show offering a unique, organic, and authentic description and endorsement of a product and/or service. They only exist within that specific episode forever.

  • Dynamically inserted host read is a read recorded at a separate time by the host and it’s inserted into the episode post-production via cue points from an ad server. Dynamic live reads need prior approval from the advertiser before an ad can go live in the podcaster's catalog. Dynamic live reads target the entire catalog of a podcaster, not just one episode. The MP3 recording of the live read is sent to Spreaker and we use our advertising tool to insert it dynamically into the podcast catalog (all available episodes). The ad runs until it delivers in full.

There are various benefits to both baked-in and dynamic host read ads. The good news is, there’s no need to definitively decide between the two; they can work in tandem depending on the desires of your advertising partners.

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