Applying for the program is pretty straightforward, but your application must be as complete as possible. Here are the main things you should keep in mind when signing up/applying in three main steps.

  1. It requires a new sign up

We manage the affiliate program on Impact, which is an external platform for affiliate and referral program management. Here you'll find the application form.

Because the page's header is branded as Spreaker, it's a common mistake to try to sign in using your Spreaker login credentials. That will not work, so don't forget to SIGN UP instead of LOG IN.

Tip: Account Display Name is the primary name that will show in your application, and it's also how your Affiliate Manager will identify you. Be sure to choose it wisely.

2. Specify your promotional methods

Promotional information is where you specify all the methods through which you are going to promote Spreaker. There's a variety of options to choose from, and you can choose as many as you want. Let's cover some of them:

  • Email - If you are promoting your link through email marketing.

  • Social Media/Influencer - If you promote Spreaker to your followers on your social networks.

  • Search Engine Marketing - In case you are using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and/or PPC (Pay Per Click) to rank higher on Google and other search websites.

  • Coupon/Deals - If you have a coupon website or regularly promote discounts/deals to your audience, you will probably want to tick this one.

  • Content - If you will create any type of content to promote Spreaker, i.e. blog posts, Youtube videos, podcast episodes, etc.

Property type is another crucial piece of information that can't be missing in your application. Here is where you will provide links to your website, Youtube channel, Instagram, podcast, and more.

Finally, you can read the agreements and click the yellow sign-up button.

3. Finalizing your application

  • You will be required to confirm your email to activate your account.

  • Once signed in on Impact, you'll have the chance to send a message to the Affiliate Program Manager. This step is not mandatory but can give you extra points as it shows you're determined to join our network of affiliates.

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