Creating your exclusive affiliate link is the primary step you can take after being accepted into our Affiliate Program. It's an effortless action that requires just a few steps and should be done from your dashboard on Impact.

But before getting into the step by step, let's recap some affiliate lingo that will be useful here:

  • Affiliate link: a specific URL that contains the affiliate's ID or username. The affiliate link promoted by the affiliate marketer should connect to the advertiser's website.

  • Vanity link/URL: a long URL that has been converted into a customized and short URL. It can also be known as a branded link.

In this context, an affiliate link and a vanity link are technically the same things. So let's get your link created!

1 - Sign in on Impact. This dashboard from a test partner account reflects what you will see after landing on your dashboard. The link creation section is at the bottom right of the page.

2 - In case you are a member of other programs, be sure you selected "Spreaker Affiliate Program" as it shows in the image below.

3 - Click on the pencil icon to edit the random link that Impact created by default. You can edit it and transform it into your vanity link.

4 - For instance, you can add "/yourname" or "/yourbrand". After it's all set, click the green check icon, and you can copy your link to be shared across your main channels. You can even transform your link into a QR Code.

5 - The affiliate link will direct your audience to the Spreaker plan's page, and we definitely recommend you test the link to make sure it shows the discount applied, as in the image below.

Please note that if you have a pro account on Spreaker, be sure to be signed out or use an incognito browser while doing the test, otherwise, you'll get a message saying that "Your coupon is no longer available."

If you simply want to embed your vanity link across all your channels, no need to read further. You're good to go!

But, if you happen to have a page dedicated to Spreaker within your domain (something like, you can also turn your landing page into a trackable vanity link by adding it to the link form like in the example below, and click "Create". Then, within your landing page, you can embed the specific link explained before, which will direct your readers to our page of plans.

And if you click "view all", you'll have access to all the landing pages and their specific vanity URLs created by you.

Now, it's time to share your affiliate link with the world!

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