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How often do you update the statistics? What counts as a download?
How often do you update the statistics? What counts as a download?

Some insights about IAB requirements

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Since at Spreaker we can be proud of having IAB certified stats, our goal is to provide you with an accurate analysis of your listens and audience, focused on legitimate traffic and on users who have really consumed podcast episodes.

Here are some guidelines we are required to follow to be compliant with the podcast industry standards:

  • Plays and downloads are counted in the same way according to IAB, so we are simply applying the same label - downloads - to all of your listens

  • The counts you see in your statistics exclude users who have listened to less than 1 minute of an episode

  • If an episode is less than 1 minute long, it should be listened completely to qualify as a download

  • The number of downloads doesn't increase if the episode is listened to more than twice within 24 hours from the same device and IP address

Due to a complex computation, the statistics will not be instantly updated on the CMS.

We are updating the listening stats for the current day, every hour. The stats then are recalculated the following morning and gain two days after the initial day to ensure that they are correct with the guidelines above and that the IAB standards are met.

After the timeframe listed above, your statistic information is completely accurate.

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