If you want to thrive in affiliate marketing, be sure to be on top of your link's performance. By monitoring your affiliate chart on a regular basis, you will gain insights that can help you devise new strategies and make informed decisions.

So let's go over the main metrics that you have to pay attention to when looking at your snapshot on Impact.

This is the screen you should see when you sign in on Impact. Please mind that the snapshot looks empty because this is a test account. Also, if you are anywhere outside Europe, you will see the currency in USD.

At the top of the widget, you will see your available balance and your upcoming earnings. You can access more information about each metric by clicking the question mark.

You can also choose the date range you would like to analyze in the snapshot.

Now, let's get to the core of it!


This metric shows how many clicks your vanity link is getting.

Clicks will typically take users to the advertiser’s website or app.

It is essential to pay attention to this metric because if you are getting a lot of clicks but no purchases, there might be some actions we can take to overcome the problem. The same applies in case you are not getting enough clicks.


In general, this refers to the conversions that will generate a payout for the affiliate partner. For example, in our program, an action happens when a user referred by you purchases a pro plan through your affiliate link (initial subscription) or renews that plan (recurring subscription). All in all, you can interpret "actions" as the number of sales generated with your link.


The revenue you earn per one sale/conversion.

Sale Amount

This metric refers to the total price of the product purchased by your referral, which in our case is a podcast hosting subscription. For instance, if the plan costs $50/mo and your payout is 20%, you should see $10 as Payout and $50 as Sale Amount.

Conversion Rate

Paraphrasing Impact, "a rate of the number of times a tracking link has lead to a sale vs. the number of times the link has been clicked on, shown in percentage. To calculate this rate, take the number of sales a banner has generated and divide it by the number of clicks. Multiply by 100, and the answer you get is the conversion rate."

EPC - Earnings per Click

As the name suggests, EPC shows how much commission you tend to make for each click generated with your affiliate link. This metric is important because you can estimate how much you will make based on your expected click volume.

Don't forget - monitoring your data is critical for success! 😎📈

If you need further resources, please visit Impact's documentation for partners.

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