Whether you promote Spreaker with content or paid advertising, it's essential to be consistent and up to date with your marketing materials. In this post, you will find valuable resources, such as banners of different sizes, product screenshots, and the Spreaker logo.

We will update this article continuously so that you are always up to date with our promotional assets.

Spreaker logo - Please note that we recently updated our logo with the "from iHeart" tag, so make sure you use the newest version. Get the logo here.

Banners and social visuals - Embed them on your website or use the banners to run pay-per-click campaigns. You can also share these visuals on your social media channels. They are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Get them here.

Product Screenshots - Here you'll find screenshots of our home page, plans page, CMS, and Spreaker Studio. These images will enhance any product review or product comparison type of article. If you are a Spreaker customer, feel free to screen-record or take screenshots from your own account, if you prefer. Get them here.

If you plan to create visuals yourself, visit this page, which contains all the typography, logo, and color scheme information.

Need visuals in other languages?

Get in touch with us at affiliates@spreaker.com, and we will do our best to assist you.

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