What is the auto-ducking feature?
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Auto-ducking is the ideal tool to help you regulate your vocal and track levels. By enabling it, track and music volumes will automatically lower as soon as you start talking into the microphone. It’s perfect for voiceovers while using the Playlist or Tracks decks.

When enabling auto-ducking, you can set how high the volume of both tracks should be, for how long, as well as the pause duration. You can also choose whether it should apply automatically to playlists, specific decks, or sound effects.

You can be really specific about when you want auto-ducking to kick in. You can have it so that when the volume of a specific audio source, like your microphone, hits a certain volume, the volume of the Playlist or Track decks automatically lower.

To use it on Studio for Desktop, just click on the "Auto-ducking" button.

On Studio for Mobile on the Tuner button at the bottom of the screen.

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