Ad Exchange Approval Process

Explaining the process in which the Ad Exchange program is approved for users

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Upon requesting to join the Ad Exchange program, this program has terms and conditions that need to be met to ensure in the sustainability of the program with our ad providers.

When submitting your podcasts to the Ad Exchange program they will go through an approval process where the podcast will be reviewed by our editorial team to ensure that the contents is within the standards needed to be part of the program. Please note, that if any of the Spreaker Platforms Terms of Use are gone against, your account would also be flagged and looked into further.

Along the way while the podcast is being reviewed, each podcast that is submitted will show the status of the process of becoming approved or blocked from the program. Separate podcasts within an account may have different status' from one another. Such as Inactive, Pending, Active or Blocked.

Your show is inactive when you have not yet activate Ad Exchange your podcast, activate it as soon as possible to not lose any revenue opportunities.

Your show is pending when you have submitted your podcast and our team is reviewing it.

Ad Exchange is active on your podcast, programmatic ads are on and you can start earning money.

If your podcast is not compliant with our terms and services and advertising policy our team will set a blocked status. When set as this status, your podcast may have one of the restrictions as listed in the following article.

Upon approval for the Ad Exchange program, your content within the active status will automatically start generating revenue based on the ads inserted automatically. At this point, the podcasts ads or timing can be adjusted to where you want the ads located such as pre, mid or post roll ads. You can also monitor your earnings from within the account. For more information on how to review and adjust the Ad Exchange please check out this article.

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