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How many podcasts can I have on my plan?
How many podcasts can I have on my plan?

How many shows can I have in my plan on Spreaker?

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Each of the plans we have on Spreaker offers many great features. Below we will go through the number of podcasts that are allotted with the plans.


The free plan allows users to have one podcast with an unlimited number of episodes.


Our pro plans range from Broadcaster, Anchorman and Publisher plans. Each of these plans allow unlimited podcasts, including an unlimited number of episodes. Please note that the Anchorman and the Publisher plan allow for collaborators, and this connects accounts to increase the number of podcasts within an organization.

What do I do if I receive a message saying I have exceeded the number of podcasts in my account?

Since the free plan users can only have one podcast, the message above may be received if the user is on the free plan, has multiple podcasts, and is trying to upload or record more episodes to the podcasts. This typically happens when an account is downgraded from a higher plan to a free plan.

There are two ways to continue uploading new content.

2nd- Move all episodes to a single podcast, and delete empty podcasts

To allow for more episodes to be uploaded or recorded on the account while on the free plan, users can follow the directions below to move existing episodes to a single podcast while deleting other podcasts on the account.

***Please note, when you move episodes from one podcast to another, they are no longer on the same RSS feed, and when a podcast is deleted, so is the existing distribution location and information.

  • Step 1: Move episodes into a singular podcast.

    This can be done by visiting the "Manage my podcast" option from the drop-down menu when logging into the account. Next, there will be a list of podcasts displaying, where if clicked on the episodes will show and there is a check box to the left of each episode. Once clicked, there will be an option at the bottom of the page to "Move To" and this allows for the episodes to be moved to another podcast on the account.

Select the move to button and select which podcast will now host these episodes.

  • Step 2: Delete newly unused podcasts

Podcasts can be deleted once they are free from any episodes and are empty vessels at this point. To delete a podcast, users will want to visit the "Manage my Podcasts" page and select the podcasts that are to be removed/deleted.

On the left side column, under the podcast section, there will be a Delete Podcast button to complete this action. There will be a couple of steps to ensure the user is sure they want to delete the podcast in question. If there are episodes on the podcast still, a message will appear to let the user know the number of episodes needed to be deleted to continue to delete the podcast.

  • Step 3: Upload or record new episodes

After the processes above are completed and there is only one podcast, Free users will be able to record or import more episodes into the one podcast on their account without any troubles.

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