Many listeners enjoy reading a transcript for a podcast so they can follow along easily. Below we have in-depth details on how to use Musixmatch to transcribe your podcast.

First and foremost you will need to verify your podcast.

Get verified on Musixmatch

  • In order to request transcripts for your show on Musixmatch Podcasts, you need to claim your podcasts. You can do this using this url.

  • The verification process should take 24-48 hours. After that, you will be able to request AI-generated transcriptions, and you will have access to an online tool that allows you to edit them.

How to request and edit your transcripts

  • Once verified, go to the episode that you want to transcribe, and select the Edit episode button. Then, once inside the editor, select Request transcription.

  • In a few minutes your transcription will be displayed, and you will be able to make changes through the editor, such as correcting the text and adding speakers and topics. When done, select Publish.

Adding the Transcript URL to Spreaker

  • From the Musixmatch Podcasts editor, on the top right of the page click on Transcript URL. This will copy the address of where the transcripts are stored.

  • Go back to your episode page on Spreaker and paste the link in the Transcript URL box. In this case, the Transcript Type to select is SRT. Then click on Save.

Now those files will be automatically added to the RSS feed and this is how your podcast will look in the Podcast addict app:

You can check which applications are supporting these tags here on PodcastIndex.

After you transcribe your podcast, you can use visit the following article to link your transcript to the desired episode.

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