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Become part of a curated group of over 2,000 of the best independent podcasters and the biggest networks in podcasting. Spreaker Prime is designed to enable publishers to make the most revenue possible from their content, we take care of everything, so you can focus on creation and growth. A talent pool for iHeartPodcasts, the Spreaker Prime Network is home to the best of the best in independent podcasting.

What is Prime?

A tailored free hosting and monetization plan designed to enable creators to earn the most money. Maximizing ad revenue, increasing exposure, and streamlining publishing.

Who is Prime for?

For independent podcasters and established publishers who want to maximize their podcast revenue and focus on growth. There are over 2,000 podcasts and networks on Spreaker Prime.

What type of hosting plan will I be on?

The Prime Network Plan: as a Prime Host you’ll be benefiting from this custom-made hosting plan:

  • Free hosting on our most advanced professional publisher plan

  • Advanced Statistics

  • Unlimited storage and unlimited podcasts

  • Auto-distribution to all listening platforms

  • Customizable RSS feeds

  • Add multiple collaborators with different access levels

  • Sponsorship sales and Programmatic Ads

What do you get as part of the Prime Network?

  1. Free hosting Access to the largest programmatic ad marketplace with the highest ad fill

  2. Direct Sales and Sponsorship Team (for new partnership opportunities)

  3. Sponsorship Support and Management (for your existing partnerships)

  4. Priority account management

  5. Run your own ads in your remnant inventory

  6. Marketing and PR support

What do you need to have for Spreaker Prime?

  • 10K US monthly downloads

  • High-quality content

  • Consistent content production

  • The desire to be successful and make money

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