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The Prime Network Monetization
The Prime Network Monetization
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All things Monetization: explaining the features that will lead you to podcast financial success.

Programmatic Ads (Announcer Read Ads)

  • Dynamically inserted into cue points within your episodes. They can be placed in pre, mid, and post-roll positions.

  • You choose the exact spot an ad goes into or use our auto tool which automatically inserts ads using silence detection technology.

  • We have the largest number of ad-providing partners in the industry including iHeartMedia and SPAN (Spotify Audience Network).

  • Highest ad fill rate in podcasting with 95%+ in high season.

  • Block unwanted IAB categories.

New Sponsorship Partnerships

Existing Sponsorship or Sponsorship Opportunites the Publisher Brings In

Our team can manage your existing sponsorships and/or any new sponsorships you may have gotten independently from Spreaker. Providing you with the following benefits:

  • Acting as your promoters. Our team will act as advocates for your podcast and actively seek out new opportunities and pitch you to advertisers.

  • Management. Giving you back precious time by negotiating everything from dates to rates and providing digital schedules, etc.

  • Payment. We pay in a guaranteed 60 days regardless of if we have received payment from the agency. (most agencies have 90-day payment terms).

  • Trafficking. We will take care of everything to do with trafficking the campaign to make sure everything runs perfectly, and that you are not cannibalizing any other type of revenue like programmatic or other sponsorship campaigns.

  • Aircheck assistance. We assist you and make sure their ads are of the right quality and go live on time.

Our advertising and brand partners

Here is a list of just a few of the brands we work with, who could be sponsoring your podcast!

Would you like to apply? Click here!

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