The Supporters Club
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Hosting a podcast can be frustrating and difficult at times and many listeners understand the time, hard work and dedication that hosts put into their podcast to make it the best that it can be.

What is the Supporters Club?

It is a new kind of Revenue Stream. One of the primary benefits of the Supporters Club is the creation of an additional revenue stream for podcast creators.

This stream complements the income generated through the AdExchange program and is a reliable source of income, helping podcasters sustain and grow their content.

The Supporters Club is a way for your loyal listeners to help your podcast in a monetary way.

By subscribing to a monthly subscription, they can support you as a host, as well as gain access to exclusive content provided by the hosts of the podcasts they are subscribed to.

How does it work?

In exchange for their support, subscribers can gain access to exclusive content offered by the host. This could include “supporter-only” episodes that are only available to subscribers. By providing this exclusive access, creators can reward their most dedicated supporters with special content, behind-the-scenes insights, or other valuable extras. This deeper connection enhances the podcasting experience, bonding creators and their audience.

Why should I enroll in it?

When listeners are helping in any way with the podcast, even in a monetary way, they know that a little bit would go a long way. They gain a sense of joy and a proud feeling to help their favorite hosts so they can continue with their podcasts. Which would carry over when they listen or share your content. The monthly subscription is their way to show their support for their favorite podcasts.

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