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How to promote your Supporters Club
How to promote your Supporters Club
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Now that you have activated the Supporters Club and set the price, you can

start gaining supporters by sharing your Become a Supporter link with your listeners and create your community.


Select your podcast from the CMS, on the left menu click on Supporters Club.

In the Supporters Club URL section, you can find the link for your Supporters Club. You can paste this link on your podcast description to allow your audience to become a member of your podcast from our Spreaker App and any other listening app.

If you have a blog or website, you can create a dedicated section, where you ask your listeners to support your work and paste the link there as well.


A live host read is an advertisement communicated conversationally by the host within a podcast episode. It can happen naturally at the beginning (pre-roll) or in the middle of the show (mid-roll).

We suggest you to promote your Supporters Club when recording your next episode, it is an easy option to convert your listeners into supporters.

You can tell them something like this:

"Hey there, did you know that this podcast has a Supporters Club? By becoming a supporter of the show you can gain access to exclusive content and play an active role in helping me to continue producing the content you love. See the link in the episode description for more details. Now, let's get back to the episode!"


Creating engaging content for your podcast should always be your main driving force. But never forget the importance of social media. Instagram for example is a great tool to communicate to your podcast audience.

Share the Supporters Link in your BIO, it is the first thing that any potential podcast fan will see/read.


We know that building a community is challenging and requires time, but with the right tools, it can be achieved easily.

We would like to help you and, for this reason, we created the Supporters Club Media Kit, a series of assets you can use to promote your podcasts on socials and gain more supporters.

Click the link, edit the assets with your podcast cover artwork and title, and share them on your social channels alongside your Supporters Club link:

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