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Moving your Podcast to Spreaker
How to move your podcast from Megaphone to Spreaker
How to move your podcast from Megaphone to Spreaker

redirecting your podcast from Megaphone to Spreaker

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Switching an existing podcast from another hosting platform to Spreaker consists of two steps:

1 - Moving your old episodes to Spreaker by using the RSS importer. If episodes are already hosted on another podcasting platform, it is possible to move episodes via the RSS importing function. You simply need to copy and paste the RSS feed URL from your current hosting platform into the Spreaker RSS importer page.

2 - Forwarding your old RSS feed to the new Spreaker one. Once the importing is done, all of your episodes will be available to Spreaker’s community and can be distributed with the new Spreaker RSS feed. If your podcast is already available on platforms such as iTunes with your previous hosting platform and you don’t want to submit it again, it is possible to enable a redirection so you can keep your subscribers.

How to move your podcast from Megaphone

Contact Megaphone support either by email or live chat and request to redirect your Megaphone RSS Feed to your Spreaker RSS Feed. They will complete this step for you and you will not have to take any additional steps on their side.

You can find your new Spreaker RSS feed by accessing the RSS Settings tab of your podcast, on the Content Management System (CMS):

Once the redirection is set, click the link to your old Megaphone feed. Do you get redirected to the new one on Spreaker? If so, you're done! Just wait for about two weeks: this way you can make sure all the podcatching platforms will update the RSS Feed. Then you can also delete your account and feed on Megaphone.

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