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The Supporters Club : a comparison with other alternatives
The Supporters Club : a comparison with other alternatives

Patreon alternative

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Are you ready to take your podcast to new heights with the help of your biggest supporters? Your supporters aren't just financial backers - they're passionate fans who want to see your podcast succeed. Our Supporters Club offers the best of both worlds compared to the major supporter's platforms. You can engage with them, get their feedback, and watch your community grow.

Spreaker’s Supporters Club program is a simple, hassle-free way to allow your listeners to support your show. With no fees for you or your supporters, this puts more money back into your podcast.

Are you not sure if the Supporters Club is the right tool for you and your listeners? Do not worry! We have created this easy to check comparison table and you can see by yourself that yes, the Supporters Club is exactly what you need 😉

Oh yeah, unlike other membership programs, the Supporter's Club is completely free for you and your listeners to join. This means more money stays in your pocket to invest back into your podcast.

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