Users, Podcasts and Episodes

On Spreaker you can create three different types of entities


Users are either individuals or companies that want to have a presence on Spreaker. Users have a user account (a login account in Spreaker consists of a valid email address and a password) and a profile.
User profiles have URLs in the form or simply

For example, this is a user profile:

The following also works:

User profiles contain contact information, Biographies and other information.

Users create podcasts


Podcasts in Spreaker are containers for episodes. When a Spreaker account is first created, the associated user has a default podcast named "User's tracks".
Podcasts have associated information like artwork, description, contact information, etc...
Podcasts can be shared and their URL is in the form

This is an example of a podcast page:

Podcasts contain episodes


Episodes are basic playable elements (audio tracks) that are stored in Spreaker.
Every episode belongs to a podcast (which in turn belongs to a User).

An episode page:

Blocking a user

You can block a user if he/she writes on your wall or in your chatbox. Just click on the last message they've written, and the option to block him/her will pop up.


You can check on and manage users you've blocked from here.