What it is RSS and How does an RSS Feed Work with Podcasting

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a kind of web feed used to deliver content produced on the Internet. Anyone creating web content can use it to distribute their own blog posts, articles or media files.

Syndication feed is distributed under formats like .rss, .atom, and .xml and can be recognized thanks to this icon


This tool is a great content-distribution mean. RSS allows you to syndicate content to different platforms - generally called News aggregators or RSS Readers - and reach various audiences without making them visit the producer’s website.
That’s why many news-related sites and blogs offer their content as an RSS Feed.

This distribution method offers several advantages to podcasters.

  • Producers can upload files to just one hosting service, as the distribution to podcatching platform is all done with the RSS feed.
  • When it comes to editing a podcast's information, podcasters can just modify it on the hosting platform. RSS feed updates accordingly and consequently, new information shows up on the platforms where the podcast is distributed automatically.
  • Hosting platforms can count HTTP GET requests made to the RSS feed and show this information as complete statistics. This way, podcasters can see all the podcast's insights via the hosting service and avoid getting separate figures from different platforms. Note: if you want to know more about Podcasts Statistics and how Spreaker handles RSS data, read this article.

Therefore, choosing the right hosting platform is crucial when starting a podcast that you’ll submit to iTunes and Google Play.
When pitching a new podcast, be sure that the hosting service:

  • offers an iTunes compatible RSS feed
  • allows customizing the RSS podcast information, so it is possible to edit them anytime that they’ll look perfect anywhere the podcast is distributed
  • provides an easy-to-enable RSS redirection option. In case you choose to move the podcast to another hosting platform, forwarding all the podcatching distribution to a new RSS is fundamental.

Spreaker provides an RSS feed for each podcast created.

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