Distributing your Podcast on Spotify

Syndicating your podcast on Spotify means distributing your content to one of the leading audio content apps, offering your podcast the opportunity to be listened to by millions of listeners in over 60 markets.
To see your show successfully included in the Spotify Podcast catalog you need to make sure your podcast does not contain any Copyrighted content (Podsafe audio is allowed).

Once this requirement is met, you can submit your show this way:

From the Spreaker.com website, go to the top-right drop-down menu and select ‘Dashboard’, where you’ll be redirected to the CMS page.

1) Select the show you’d like to submit to Spotify.


2) From your show’s panel on the left-hand side select ‘Distribution’.


3) From there you’ll be led to your one-click distribution options, click the down arrow next to Spotify and select ‘Submit’.


Your show will be reviewed - which can take several days for the process to be completed, either way, you’ll receive an email confirming your acceptance or rejection from the platform.