Distributing your Podcast on Spotify

Syndicating your podcast on Spotify means distributing your content through a leading app for audio content, which offers your podcast the opportunity to be listened to by millions of listeners in over 60 markets.

To see your show successfully included in the Spotify Podcast catalog you need a podcast not containing any Copyrighted content (Podsafe audio is allowed anyway).

Once this requirement is met, you can submit your show this way:

1 - Access your Spreaker’s Content Management System and choose the show you want to submit.


2 - Click the “Spotify” option, which you can find on the menu on the left hand side and hit the “Submit” button.


Your show will be reviewed by both Spreaker and Spotify’s teams - which can take several days for the entire process to be completed.

If your show meets the two requirements above, your podcast will be approved and show up on Spotify.
You won’t receive any specific communication about the approval status but you can search for the show on Spotify to see if it has been included.