Syndicating your show on SONOS Speakers

Thanks to a special collaboration between Spreaker and SONOS, you can now add your podcast to the SONOS catalog, so it will be available on SONOS devices such as Play 1 or Playbar.

How to add your podcast to the SONOS catalog

If you’d like to have your show available on the SONOS catalog, all you have to do is contact us at with a link to your show. We’ll review the content and, if approved, submit it to SONOS.

Please note: shows containing copyrighted content will not be accepted.

How to find your show on the SONOS catalog.

1 - Install the SONOS app - available for Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows - and connect it to your SONOS speaker.

2 - Go to the app preferences and add a new Service. As part of the list, you’ll find the Spreaker option, from where you’ll be able to establish the connection.


3 - Once done, Spreaker will appear as one of your Sources and you’ll be able to navigate the lists created from it.


4 -Now you’re all set, you can enjoy listening to both your own show and your favorite podcasts via Spreaker directly from your SONOS speakers :-)