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How to Import Your Podcast with the RSS Feed Importer
How to Import Your Podcast with the RSS Feed Importer
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If you’re looking to replace your primary hosting platform with Spreaker’s, or if you’re just simply looking for additional podcast real estate, you have the option of quickly and easily importing your podcast over to Spreaker thanks to the RSS Feed Importer.*

The entire process requires just a click or two.

First access the importer. From the CMS, in the All Podcasts section, select Import Episodes.

Then, copy your RSS feed URL from your current hosting platform and paste it into the RSS Feed Importer. Click on 'SEND LINK.'

Next, choose whether you want the incoming episodes of your podcast to be added to an existing one or to create a new podcast altogether. Then click on CONTINUE. All your episodes and their metadata will be imported in just a couple of minutes.

You’ll then be brought to a new page that will display status updates and a number of customizable options.

First, you’ll see the status of your imported podcast and whether or not it was successful, as well as how recently it was updated.

Second, under 'Automatic import,' you can tick the box if you want any new episodes published on your original hosting website to automatically publish on Spreaker as well.

Third, to help you further distribute your episodes to all your listeners, enable automatic sharing to your social networks. Simply tick the boxes under your networks of choice. Do note that only new episodes imported to Spreaker from this moment on will be automatically shared, and not what was initially imported over in bulk.

Lastly, you’ll find an overview of all your imported episodes and information on which have or haven’t migrated over successfully. If any episode is marked as failed or deleted, no sweat – you’ll be able to import that individual episode over again, without having to resubmit your entire show.

*(If your podcast is already available on podcatchers through your previous hosting site’s RSS feed and you don’t want to have to resubmit to them again, you can enable a simple redirect from the host site. We’ve got information on how to do that here.)

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