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Networks, collaborators and access levels

How the Publisher plan lets you manage different levels of permissions

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Spreaker’s Publisher and Anchorman plans give one or more company admins the ability to bring every Network under one account, while still granting different admin levels and permissions at the Organization, Network and Podcast level.

So, under your organization, you can manage all users associated with your company and the related permission levels.

The organization entity allows you to group Networks together, where Networks are containers of podcasts and podcasts are containers of episodes.

Please note that an Organization can contain multiple Networks but a Network can only belong to one Organization.

As an example, let’s think about a global mass media company like Condé Nast, which is home to numerous media brands like Vogue, Glamour, and Vanity Fair.

In the context of the organization structure, each media brand would represent a Network, which would host their own podcasts relating to their target audience and brand. Networks do not communicate with each other, so podcasts posted by the Glamour network would not be editable by producers working within the Vanity Fair Network. Network isolation allows for separate collaborative ecosystems. Finally, all of these Networks would fall under the Condé Nast organization umbrella.

An Admin can:

  • Invite/create an unlimited number of users into an Organization

  • Make one or more users admin of own Organization

  • Only list users inside its own Organization

  • Add/revoke Organization Admin privileges to any users inside Organizations

  • View all Networks and Podcasts in own Organization listed in the Dashboard

  • View and edit any Podcast in own Organization

  • List, add and remove collaborators from Podcasts in own Organization

  • View Statistics from all Networks and Podcasts in own Organization

An Admin cannot:

  • Read or write anything on other Organizations

  • Change a User to another Organization

  • Edit the Organization

  • Remove themselves from Admin within the Organization

You can manage users under your organization from your Settings, where, as an Admin you would be able to grant or revoke admin privileges to other users.

Here is how you can add users to your organization:

Head to the Settings tab on the CMS, select the Organization section and click on the New User button on the right:

Insert full name and email address of the user you want to create/add and click on New User at the bottom of the page:

A welcome email will be sent to the recipient of the email account.

As said, an Admin can create an unlimited number of users. These users can be set as collaborators or as networks (containers of podcasts). You can add a collaborator at a single podcast level or at the network level so that the user would be able to see and edit all the podcasts within that network.

Any Spreaker account could be a potential collaborator or a network, it really depends on how you want to use it.

You can independently add new users to the organization only if they were not previously registered on Spreaker.

For adding an existing Spreaker user to your organization, you can contact us by clicking on the chat icon down on the bottom-right of this page. We can share detailed instructions that are customized to your organization's needs.

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