Spreaker simplified the challenge of collaborating across podcast teams by including a built-in system that offers multiple admin levels and permissions at the organization and podcast level.

With the Publisher plan, you have the option to add an unlimited number of collaborators.

A collaborator can be added at a single podcast level or at the network level.

A podcast collaborator can only manage the podcast from the CMS.

He/She/They will be able to:

  • Edit the podcast info or episodes' info,

  • Upload or delete episodes,

  • Check the statistics

He/She/They will not be allowed to:

  • Invite more collaborators

  • Delete the podcast

Here is how you can add a collaborator to a single podcast:

Access the individual podcast page from the CMS and click on “Collaborations”:

Search the user by name or user ID and click on add:

You can also remove collaborators on the same page.

A network collaborator instead, will be able to:

  • Edit podcast settings and manage episodes

  • Create new episodes for the podcasts they collaborate on

  • Create new podcasts on the network they collaborate on

  • Remove any podcasts under the network

  • See individual statistics for the podcasts they collaborate on

  • See aggregated statistics for all the podcasts on the network they collaborate on

You can add collaborators to your network from the Settings section of the CMS:

Important: In order to add a collaborator, that user needs be part of your organization.

But if the person already has a Spreaker account, you cannot add that specific email address to the organization.

Just contact us at enterprise@spreaker.com and we will add that existing account for you. You can independently add new users to the organization only if they were not previously registered on Spreaker.

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