An introduction about Live Reads
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There’s a lot of terminology in podcast advertising, mostly because there are so many different ways that podcasters can make money from podcasting.

In this article we aim to provide you an introduction about Live Reads.

Podcasting is a powerful medium because it cultivates feelings of intimacy between a podcast host and their audience. When people listen to a podcast, they feel like they know the host and are in the room with them.

A live host read is an advertisement/endorsement communicated conversationally by the host or hosts within a podcast episode. It can happen naturally at the beginning (pre-roll) or in the middle of the show (mid-roll).

Have you ever listened to a podcast before where the host begins an episode by stating “…this episode is sponsored by …..” followed with a brief personal experience with that particular brand? Well, that’s a live host ad.

Podcast hosts often have a specific audience who share similar interests, lifestyles, careers, or hobbies. Podcasters are asked for live reads because of their relationship with that audience. This preexisting relationship increases the likelihood that the audience will be more engaged and willing to purchase and/or sign up for the product. And that is what makes live reads powerful.

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