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How can I get additional revenue from the Ad Exchange?
How can I get additional revenue from the Ad Exchange?

Activate the AdExchange in combination with the Campaign Manager

Updated over a week ago

If you are a Publisher user, we recommend you activate the Ad Exchange so as not to leave money on the table! You would receive additional revenues from the ads coming from our open marketplace, even if you don’t have any running campaigns trafficked by the campaign manager tool.

You can activate the Ad Exchange from here and then manage and optimize the ads at podcast or episode level. You can start by selecting the Ad Options section of a podcast.

Take a look at the general info about our monetization program here. The basics are the same for all of our users, but, as a Publisher plan subscriber, you would have some additional features, like the possibility to block unwanted IAB categories.

Want to get an estimation of how much revenue your podcast can earn? Try out our Free Podcast Revenue Calculator now!

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