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Smarter Ad Placement with Silence Detection
Smarter Ad Placement with Silence Detection

Smooth the listening experience with our new technology

Updated over a week ago

We are happy to announce the implementation of our new Silence Detection technology with programmatic ads!

This technology allows for the automatic detection of silence spots within a podcast episode, taking the work off of the creator’s shoulders. We believe this has significantly improved Spreaker’s auto-optimization tool experience for creators.

With Silence Detection, you don’t have to worry about intrusive ads being applied in less-than-ideal spots within your content (like cutting off hosts or guests mid-sentence).

Taking this new technology a step further, we’ve integrated it into our auto-insertion system. Spreaker’s auto-optimization tool analyzes your episode for silence spots and then ranks them by duration, position within the episode, and takes into account the space between each spot. From there, it automatically places ad breaks into suggested areas of your episode, so you don’t need to set the ads manually every time a new episode is ready to be published.

So.. how does it work?

First of all, these spots must be at least 0.5 seconds long in order to be detected by the system. And Spreaker gives you a way to navigate these silence spots by clicking on the dedicated Next Silence and Previous Silence buttons in the bottom waveform chart on the Ads Options page, on the episode level.

You can also utilize the dedicated Zoom In and Zoom out buttons on the top waveform in order to get a more magnified view of the silence spots within your audio.

You can move ad markers placed automatically to different silence spots of your choice by clicking on the Next Silence or Previous Silence buttons in the bottom waveform chart on the Ads Options page and adding them manually.

For your convenience, you can switch the auto-tool on or off at podcast level or at single episode level, if you prefer.

Look for the Auto-optimize button, turn the toggle on and click Save. You are all set!

Please note that, at the moment, our silence detection technology is available for newly created episodes only.

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